GardX International Ltd.

GardX International Ltd. was established in 2003 and is based in Hampshire in the United Kingdom with offices in 23 other countries.
GardX provides solutions to automotive manufacturers and automotive dealer groups worldwide and has earned a reputation for providing market-leading products and exemplary consumer service and support.
The GardX Brands
Our Specific areas of expertise are segregated into the following four brand channels:

GardX Protect- Vehicle Protections Systems

  • Vehicle Protection System (exterior and interior protection)
  • GardX WheelGard 
  • Electromagnetic Anti-Corrosion Protection Module

GardX Maintain- Aftermarket Products

  • Tyre Guard
  • Fuel and Oil Additives
  • Engine Flush
  • Air conditioning cleaners
  • International Distribution for PENRAY USA products

GardX AD-Vantage - Ultimate digital merchandising solution 

  • GardX AD-Vantage Spincar is a state-of-the-art vehicle presentation and merchandising tool
  • Gardx B2See is a cost-effective video solution that can be used for sales/aftersales opportunities, social media and marketing.

GardX Assure – Insured Protection Products

  • Asset Protection
  • C .A .R .S. - Cosmetic Accident Repair Solutions
  • Tyre and Alloy Wheel Protection